EXPOflor® Synthetic grass is easy to maintain and is recommended for both indoors and outdoors.

We have 5 different qualities for your selection. Special colours and qualities are also available upon request. Use in retail, tradeshow and residential arenas.

Technical Specification

expoflor_grass_carpetSynthetic grass that is easy to maintain and is

Grass Carpet Width Length Height
Snow White 711 2m 25m 7mm
Black Swan 787 2m 25m 7mm
Spring 709 2m 25m 7mm
Summer 719 2m 25m 7mm
Pasture 147 2m 25m 35mm

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Residential, Events, Exhibitions & Landscaping. All our grass carpet used 100% Synthetic Fibrillated Anti-UV Fiber. Recommended for outdoor usage.


EXPOflor® Grass Carpets, Singapore


Quality flooring can make a world of difference to all kinds of events. At EXPOflor®, we provide a comprehensive selection of indoor and outdoor grass carpets, which are designed as efficient flooring options for environment-themed events, sports’ grounds and other open-air exhibits. EXPOflor® offers 6 types of grass colours to select from, and these grass carpets make excellent flooring choices for different practical reasons such as – easy drainage, safe surfaces, and simple installation. We also provide options for turf rental, for those who require the flooring for just a couple of days or weeks. Our product menu provides the specifications for application in exhibits, landscaping, as well as residential and corporate events.


Advantages of EXPOflor® Grass Carpets


Events often require a swift flooring installation, with safety and appearance as top considerations. EXPOflor® Grass is always a feasible option, as it comes in a variety of colours and provides visitors with a non-slip and completely safe surface. EXPOflor® Grass is well-suited to a number of occasions, such as children-centric events, as it gives a sense of the outdoors, inviting children to sit down to workshops. Another popular choice entailing grass is technology-based events, where a certain ambience needs to be cultivated. Artificial grass can be used to cover a certain area, and even be recycled after the event.


EXPOflor® Grass for Sporting Events


EXPOflor® Grass are ideal for sports events, as they demonstrate the principles of adaptability under extreme pressures. Whether it’s a golfing event or a friendly tennis match, synthetic grass is easy to install and remove as well. EXPOflor® Grass is also used for other outdoor sports events such as soccer and baseball games, and we cater for both small-scale and large-scale sports events to make organising effortless.


Our Business


Probably the most innovative Exhibition Floor coverings in Singapore; we have a stock program that allow us to stock more than 10 products, and it enables us to respond swiftly to the requirements of our partners in the exhibiton and events industry.


Reduce & Reuse


We are pleased to introduce our green initiative called th Blue Sky Innovation.
Reduce material used in the production of the carpet without compromising the integrity of the product.
Reuse the carpet by cleaning them and renting it out at a lower cost to our customers.