An economical range of Velours.
The surface is a smooth plush needle punched construction and has a latex foam backing, providing value comfort. It has 25 great vibrant colours like orange and indigo.

Recommended for exhibitions, shows and party.

Technical Specification

An economical range of Velours. The surface is a smooth plush

Manufacturing Method Pile Composition Total Weight
Woven 100% Polypropylene 680g/m2 ± 10%
Width Length Thickness
2.0m 30.0m 5.0mm ± 10%

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stages, fashion shows, events, exhibitions


REV Carpets


Our cost-efficient range of REV carpets are designed to be an economical alternative to its sister product, VELOUR. They provides comfort and are easy to clean as well. The smooth, plush, needle-punched construction surface of REV makes them well-suited for exhibits, shows and corporate functions.


An Economical Velour


EXPOflor® REV is a top choice for special stands in exhibitions as it provides a wide range of colors for selection in great economic value. EXPOflor® REV is excellent for Product and Brand launches due to its plush texture and easy upkeep. They are quick to install and provide good resistance to stains and markings.


Our Business


Probably the most innovative Exhibition Floor coverings in Singapore; we have a stock program that allow us to stock more than 10 products, and it enables us to respond swiftly to the requirements of our partners in the exhibiton and events industry.


Reduce & Reuse


We are pleased to introduce our green initiative called th Blue Sky Innovation.
Reduce material used in the production of the carpet without compromising the integrity of the product.
Reuse the carpet by cleaning them and renting it out at a lower cost to our customers.