Popular choice of the European design house and local stand builders.

A good 25 sophisticated colours are available.
As part of our ongoing innovations, we will be introducing a new type of backing known as the comfort backing which gives excellent cushioning and more importantly, it is enviromentally friendly.

Technical Specification

Popular choice for entertainment outlets, stage setup, fashion shows, events and exhibitions.

Manufacturing Method Pile Composition Pile Weight
Tufted 100% Polyamide 1,330g/m2(±10%)
Width Length Thickness
2m 25 - 30.0m 5.5mm (±10%)

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stages, fashion shows, events, exhibitions


Velour Exhibition Carpets


EXPOflor® provides a multifunctional range of velour carpets for those who seek a comfortable, environmentally-friendly flooring option. These are crafted from 100% polyamide, and are created using a tufted manufacturing method. They come with hard-wearing properties and are available in a range of colours such as Swedish Blue 771 and Magenta 767. In addition to this, they are also stain resistant and colourfast and thus able to withstand harsh methods of cleaning. Their long-lasting, anti-static nature enables usage across different environments, and they are ideal for those seeking budget-friendly flooring solutions.


Multifunctional & Aesthetic Flooring Solutions


We provide a selection of 25 sophisticated shades for you to choose from. These comfort-inducing, durable carpets are perfect for office spaces, and are also backed by reasonable rates for those on a budget. We merge quality and functionality in our aesthetically-pleasing flooring solutions, which makes them ideal for usage across corporate and household environments.


Resistant Flooring


Our Velour Carpets are ideal for versatile usage, and also come with resilient properties. Their durability makes them resistant to swift wear and tear, and they are capable of withstanding exhibition traffic. In addition, they also help cut down on noise disruptions and are a source of comfort for tired feet. Velour carpets are also known to be water-resistant and fire tested, and can be cleaned with regular vacuuming.


Our Business


Probably the most innovative Exhibition Floor coverings in Singapore; we have a stock program that allow us to stock more than 10 products, and it enables us to respond swiftly to the requirements of our partners in the exhibiton and events industry.


Reduce & Reuse


We are pleased to introduce our green initiative called th Blue Sky Innovation.
Reduce material used in the production of the carpet without compromising the integrity of the product.
Reuse the carpet by cleaning them and renting it out at a lower cost to our customers.